Agent Oriented Software Engineering

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Agent Oriented Software Engineering

AgentOriented Software Engineering (AOSE) is a new software engineering paradigm that arose to apply best practice in the development of complex Multi-Agent Systems (MAS) by focusing on the use of agents, and organizations (communities) of agents as the main abstractions.
Software engineers continually strive to develop tools and techniques. engineering agent systems, including methodologies for agentoriented analysis.
Agentoriented techniques represent an exciting new means of analysing, designing and building com- plex software systems. They have the potential to significantly improve current practice in software engineering and to extend the range of applications that can feasibly be tackled.
This includes work that strengthens links with related research fields and communities, such as business process modelling, service oriented computing, information systems, requirements engineering, mainstream software engineering, autonomic computing, self-organising systems and pervasive/ubiquitous computing.
Part 1: What is AgentOriented Software. Engineering (AOSE). â—‹ Why it is important. â—‹ Key concepts. â—‹ Part 2: Agent-methodologies. â—‹ Key Concepts.
AgentOriented Software Engineering [Paolo Ciancarini, Michael Wooldridge] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. One of the most important .
Increasingly many computer systems are being viewed in terms of autonomous agents. Agents are being espoused as a new theoretical model of computation .
Evaluating AgentOriented Software Engineering Methodologies. Abstract: In the past couple of decades, agent-oriented technology has been arisen in order to .

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