Damon Swift a Pair of Rather Long Short Stories

Damon Swift a Pair of Rather Long Short Stories


... or, they are more akin to good-length novellas!STORY 1: When a letter arrives inviting Damon to come to New Zealand for a possible project, he nearly refuses due to the terrible time he had on his last visit to Australia. But, he gives the Kiwis the benefit of the doubt and heads Down Under again. With an oceangoing ferry system about the only thing uniting the two main islands, and two of the three about to be taken out of service for major overhauls, they need his help, and almost immediately.He signs on for the project, but is taken by surprise when an old enemy seems to be involved in first a smear campaign and then sabotage and even attempted murder.Will the project be finished, or will it finish with even more deaths?STORY 2: While attempting to test a new drive system for the two main hyper-loop systems, neither of which have been true successes, Damon and his team find they must undertake a recovery mission when the test capsule is catapulted into space.But, things are not as they seem and they soon find themselves embroiled in a brand new mission, and one that will see them all shocked to their cores.Plus an all-new bonus story only in this collection: Damon Swift and the Gizmo

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Thomas Hudson, T Edward Fox
Paperback | 200 pages
152 x 229 x 11mm | 272g
Publication date
06 Dec 2017
Createspace Independent Publishing Platform