Snap Count (a Bad Boy Sports Romance)

Snap Count (a Bad Boy Sports Romance)


The first time I saw her, she was buck naked and mad as hell. Things went a little crazy after that. I just moved to Springville to start my first season as wide receiver for the Rockets. As luck would have it, the condo I'm renting is right next door to a straight-laced grad student who hardly ever pulls her nose out of a book. I'm pretty sure our first meeting was a hell of a lot more fun for me than it was for her. And ever since then, she looks at me like she wishes I'd spontaneously combust in front of her eyes. I get more than enough of female attention. I know I should just ignore her. But there's something about Ivy - and not just her smoking hot body. It's like I'm eight years old and wanna pull her pigtails just to see her stomp her feet at me. She's wound up tighter than a rubber band. But the way her ass shimmies when she stalks away from me tells me there's a completely different girl underneath. And nothing's gonna stop me from finding out. Snap Count is a STANDALONE, full-length novel with no cheating, no cliffhanger, and guaranteed HEA.

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Daphne Loveling
Paperback | 256 pages
140 x 216 x 15mm | 327g
Publication date
07 Feb 2017
Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Illustrations note
Illustrations, black and white