I Was Illiterate For 45 Years

I Was Illiterate For 45 Years


This is a not-so-fictional autobiography of Jeff Daeron, a functionally illiterate man living in constant fear that his illiteracy would be discovered by his boss, family, and friends with humiliating and otherwise disastrous results. The first part describes how he dealt with situations that required the ability to read such as "I forgot my glasses", "I don't have time to fill out the form now, I'll bring it back in the morning", or "I'm tired, ask mommy to help you read it". Just getting a driver's license or eye glasses were extremely stressful experiences. Jeff lived on the edge, always prepared to run, dodge, and hide from his disability. Then by chance he meets John, an adult literacy tutor. The second part describes how they started from scratch in basic english and math, and how a courageous Jeff emerged from darkness, despair, and hopelessness to a whole new life as his literacy skills grew. It was like being born again! Hitherto unknown feelings emerged such as self-respect and confidence. His health, family life, and and job prospects improved. He made new friends. For the first time he felt enfranchised, no longer an outsider.

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Jack Cox Williams, Hal Boyer
Paperback | 66 pages
152 x 229 x 4mm | 100g
Publication date
01 Apr 2011
Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Publication City/Country
North Charleston SC, United States