The Transition Handbook From Oil Dependency To Local Resilience

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Author by : Rob Hopkins
Languange Used : English
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Publisher by : UIT Cambridge Ltd.

Description : We live in an oil-dependent world, and have got to this level of dependency in a very short space of time, using vast reserves of oil in the process without planning for when the supply is not so plentiful. Most people don't want to think about what happens when the oil runs out (or becomes prohibitively expensive), but "The Transition Handbook" shows how the inevitable and profound changes ahead can have a positive effect. They can lead to the rebirth of local communities, which will generate their own fuel, food and housing. They can encourage the development of local currencies, to keep money in the local area. They can unleash a local 'skilling-up', so that people have more control over their lives. "The Transition Handbook" is the manual which will guide communities to begin this 'energy descent' journey. The argument that 'small is inevitable' is upbeat and positive, as well as utterly convincing.

The New Transition Handbook Strategies High School Teachers Use That Work

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Author by : Carolyn Hughes Ph.D.
Languange Used : English
Release Date : 2012-09-14
Publisher by : Brookes Publishing

Description :

To help students with disabilities make a smooth transition from high school to adulthood, you need proven and practical strategies that prepare them for success in an increasingly complex world. You'll find more than 500 research-based, teacher-tested support strategies in The New Transition Handbook—the modern transition guide for today's students and the professionals who support them. The revised edition of Hughes & Carter's bestselling The Transition Handbook, this thoroughly updated guide is everything transition teams want: it's ultra-practical, fast and easy to navigate, cost-effective, and reflects the latest research and legislation affecting young adults with disabilities. Packed with ready-to-use strategies for teaching key skills and developing effective school and community supports, this is the ultimate guide to helping students

  • achieve self-determination
  • access the general curriculum
  • increase social acceptance and participation
  • set and reach individualized goals
  • strengthen positive behavior
  • prepare for postsecondary education
  • develop employment skills
  • access community resources
  • learn critical functional skills

With the convenient "menu" format, you can flip right to the strategies you need without having to page through the entire book. And the included CD-ROM gives you more than 25 printable checklists and observational forms that address social skills, classroom supports, job satisfaction, modified grading, and more. Keep this guidebook at your fingertips year after year, and you'll provide effective, individualized support for young people with disabilities as they begin fulfilling, self-determined adult lives.

With more on today's most critical transition topics!

  • transition assessment
  • new technology
  • postsecondary education
  • community-based instruction
  • student-directed planning and learning

The Transition Handbook From Oil Dependency To Local Resilience By Hopkins Rob Published By Chelsea Green Publishing 2008

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Publisher by : Chelsea Green Publishing

Description :

The Down Syndrome Transition Handbook Charting Your Child S Course To Adulthood Topics In Down Syndrome

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Author by : Jo Ann Simons
Languange Used : English
Release Date : 2010-03-31
Publisher by : Woodbine House

Description :
2011 IPPY Award: Bronze Medalist, Parenting

The Down Syndrome Transition Handbook
helps parents prepare their child for independent adult life. It's full of practical tips and step-by-step instructions to help families envision their child's future, develop a transition plan, and implement it. There's also a wealth of information about adults in their twenties or thirties living at home who are still struggling with finding a job, locating housing, or establishing a meaningful life in their community, and who could achieve more independence with the right guidance and supports.

The book is the culmination of the author's professional and personal experiences guiding hundreds of families through the transition process, and parenting her own son with Down syndrome, now an adult living independently. Its conversational style reassures parents overwhelmed by a complex process and its frank advice offers a reality check for parents whose child will soon venture into the adult world, or whose adult child has yet to leave the nest.

The Down Syndrome Transition Handbook outlines the steps of transitioning, with an emphasis on the necessity of the child playing an active role in the process. It considers everything families need to know--from meeting broad, basic needs such as finding meaningful ways to fill one's days (work, volunteering, leisure activities, training & education, exercise) and how to get around (driving vs. using public transportation) to addressing specific needs such as whether to leave high school at age 21 or earlier and how to maintain eligibility for benefits by keeping income and assets within allowable limits. Chapters address:

High School
Postsecondary Options
Residential Options
Work & other Endeavors
Family & Friends
Legal Issues
Financial Issues

Families will want this one-stop resource to demystify the transition process for teens and young adults and to help older adults still at home become more independent.

The Transition Handbook Strategies High School Teachers Use That Work

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Author by : Carolyn Hughes
Languange Used : English
Release Date :
Publisher by : Brookes Publishing Company

Description : In this handbook, the authors compile what they found over 500 research-based, teacher-based, transition support strategies that have been proven to work by leading researchers, educators, and practitioners.'

The Trans Partner Handbook A Guide For When Your Partner Transitions

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Author by : Jo Green
Languange Used : English
Release Date : 2017-08-21
Publisher by : Jessica Kingsley Publishers

Description :

Individuals who transition from one gender to another are often in some degree of a relationship, and over 55% of these relationships endure through the transition process.

While more resources are emerging for trans people themselves, there is very little information available for their partners. Through first-hand accounts and vignettes of successful partnerships, this book presents detailed descriptions of everything involved in the transition process, with specific guidance for those supporting a partner in transition. Topics include disclosure, mental health, coming out, loss and grief, sex and sexuality and the legal, medical and social practicalities of transitioning. In this essential guide, people whose partners are across the transgender spectrum speak out on their own experiences with personal advice and support for others.

Dental Practice Transitions Handbook An Insider S Guide To Buying Selling Associates And Partne

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Author by : H.M. Smith
Languange Used : English
Release Date :
Publisher by : Wheatmark

Description : Any professional practice transition activity--whether buying, selling, or associating--is one of the most important events that will happen in your professional career. Making a mistake in the process can have long-lasting effects on any or all of the parties to a transition. Dental Practice Transitions Handbook will provide you with the answers to basic questions when considering any transition. It is not intended to replace the experts, brokers, consultants, attorneys, accountants, and financial advisors that should be consulted as you proceed through a transition, but it should give you an understanding of the process, what to expect, and a starting point from which to begin your journey.

The School Improvement Planning Handbook Getting Focused For Turnaround And Transition

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Author by : Daniel L. Duke
Languange Used : English
Release Date : 2012-12-27
Publisher by : R&L Education

Description : Developing and updating school improvement plans is an annual ritual for virtually all school principals and their school improvement committees. Still, large numbers of schools continue to produce disappointing outcomes. The authors believe that part of the problem is the result of plans that focus on the wrong targets and that rely on ineffective strategies for improvement.

To help principals and their school improvement committees develop and implement plans with a greater likelihood of success, the authors offer a step-by-step process for school improvement planning. They go on to pinpoint specific school improvement goals, including raising reading and mathematics achievement, building robust school cultures, addressing the needs of English language learners, improving instruction, and reducing absenteeism and dropouts.

For each goal, a variety of objectives and proven strategies is presented along with sample school improvement plans. The book addresses the differences in planning to turn around a low-performing school, planning to sustain improvements over time, and planning to move a good school to a great school.

Handbook To Higher Health Consciousness How To Transition To Plant Based Eating To Heal Yourself And The Planet

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Author by : David Kater
Languange Used : English
Release Date : 2017-09-11
Publisher by :

Description : Handbook to Higher Health Consciousness is a guide for people who want to eat more plant-based, but don’t know where to start. The book covers important nutritional concepts, key steps to making the transition with minimal time in the kitchen, and how to sustain a new eating style as it develops. Diet and nutrition recommendations are backed by solid and well-documented research. One of the core concepts is to stay in your food comfort zone, but continuously refine that comfort zone to include more and more plant-based foods as your tastes evolve. This is a comprehensive resource for those who want to learn how to eat satisfying and nutritious meals for the benefit of their health, animals, and the environment.

Handbook Of Adolescent Transition Education For Youth With Disabilities

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Author by :
Languange Used : English
Release Date : 2012-01-31
Publisher by : Routledge

Description :

Transition from secondary education to adulthood represents a period during which adolescents with disabilities face multiple responsibilities and changing roles that include establishing independence, attending postsecondary education or training, developing social networks, choosing a career, participating in their communities, and managing healthcare and financial affairs. Sponsored by the Division of Career Development and Transition (DCDT) of the Council of Exceptional Children, this handbook provides a comprehensive resource to the communities of educators, related service and agency personnel, families, caretakers, counselors, and other stakeholders who facilitate these complex transitions to adulthood for adolescents with disabilities.

Comprehensive – This comprehensive volume includes coverage of historical foundations, policy, transition programming and planning, development of student skills, and program structure. It also recommends transition supports for students with specific disabilities.

Organizing Taxonomy – The book is organized around a well recognized taxonomy for adolescent transition used by many states to design and reform their transition services.

Expertise – The volume editors are past-presidents of the Council for Exceptional Children’s Division on Career Development and are leaders in transition research and practice. Contributors are well-recognized for their expertise in transition.

Chapter Structure – Each chapter includes a discussion of evidence-based research, recommended practices, suggestions for transition personnel and families, and additional resources.

This book is appropriate for researchers and graduate-level instructors in special education and vocational education, inservice administrators and policy makers, and transition service providers.