The Transition Handbook From Oil Dependency To Local Resilience

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Author by : Rob Hopkins
Languange Used : English
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Publisher by : UIT Cambridge Ltd.

Description : We live in an oil-dependent world, and have got to this level of dependency in a very short space of time, using vast reserves of oil in the process without planning for when the supply is not so plentiful. Most people don't want to think about what happens when the oil runs out (or becomes prohibitively expensive), but "The Transition Handbook" shows how the inevitable and profound changes ahead can have a positive effect. They can lead to the rebirth of local communities, which will generate their own fuel, food and housing. They can encourage the development of local currencies, to keep money in the local area. They can unleash a local 'skilling-up', so that people have more control over their lives. "The Transition Handbook" is the manual which will guide communities to begin this 'energy descent' journey. The argument that 'small is inevitable' is upbeat and positive, as well as utterly convincing.

Handbook Of Adolescent Transition Education For Youth With Disabilities

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Languange Used : English
Release Date : 2012-01-31
Publisher by : Routledge

Description :

Transition from secondary education to adulthood represents a period during which adolescents with disabilities face multiple responsibilities and changing roles that include establishing independence, attending postsecondary education or training, developing social networks, choosing a career, participating in their communities, and managing healthcare and financial affairs. Sponsored by the Division of Career Development and Transition (DCDT) of the Council of Exceptional Children, this handbook provides a comprehensive resource to the communities of educators, related service and agency personnel, families, caretakers, counselors, and other stakeholders who facilitate these complex transitions to adulthood for adolescents with disabilities.

Comprehensive – This comprehensive volume includes coverage of historical foundations, policy, transition programming and planning, development of student skills, and program structure. It also recommends transition supports for students with specific disabilities.

Organizing Taxonomy – The book is organized around a well recognized taxonomy for adolescent transition used by many states to design and reform their transition services.

Expertise – The volume editors are past-presidents of the Council for Exceptional Children’s Division on Career Development and are leaders in transition research and practice. Contributors are well-recognized for their expertise in transition.

Chapter Structure – Each chapter includes a discussion of evidence-based research, recommended practices, suggestions for transition personnel and families, and additional resources.

This book is appropriate for researchers and graduate-level instructors in special education and vocational education, inservice administrators and policy makers, and transition service providers.

Dental Practice Transitions Handbook An Insider S Guide To Buying Selling Associates And Partne

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Author by : H.M. Smith
Languange Used : English
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Publisher by : Wheatmark

Description : Any professional practice transition activity--whether buying, selling, or associating--is one of the most important events that will happen in your professional career. Making a mistake in the process can have long-lasting effects on any or all of the parties to a transition. Dental Practice Transitions Handbook will provide you with the answers to basic questions when considering any transition. It is not intended to replace the experts, brokers, consultants, attorneys, accountants, and financial advisors that should be consulted as you proceed through a transition, but it should give you an understanding of the process, what to expect, and a starting point from which to begin your journey.

Handbook Of Transitions To Energy And Climate Security Routledge International Handbooks

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Languange Used : English
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Publisher by : Routledge

Description :

An original contribution to our understanding of a phenomenon that is reshaping the world, this title thoroughly discusses the transformation of the energy security policy arena brought on by two dramatic developments – the increased potential availability of energy in many parts of the world on the supply side, and on the demand side increasing concerns over the harmful effects on the environment brought on by the use of fossil fuels. An in depth discussion specifically focuses on what energy security means to different countries, and examines which of those countries appear to be managing their energy/climate transitions successfully and which are having a more difficult time adapting to the new environment.

  • Part 1 introduces the topic, covering the main themes and provides an overview of the chapters
  • Part 2 provides a framework for policy evaluation, considering the evolving factors affecting energy security and the energy/climate policy trilemma
  • Parts 3 to 6 discuss energy transitions in the carbon producing countries (Saudi Arabia, Canada, Iran, Russia, Mexico), in intermediate carbon/producing/consuming countries (China, United States, UK, Brazil, Argentina, South Africa), in carbon consuming countries (Germany, Japan, South Korea, Israel, India, Spain) and finally in carbon reduction countries (France, Denmark, Switzerland)
  • Part 7 looks at attempts at regional/international cooperation
  • Part 8 considers the prospects for the future, examining technological breakthroughs.


This title builds on the theme of unfolding energy transformations driven by, but increasingly constrained by climate/environmental considerations. It is ideal for researchers and students in the areas of environmental politics and policy, climate change, and energy and climate security, as well as for academics and professionals.

The Handbook Of Fixed Income Securities Eighth Edition

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Author by : Frank J. Fabozzi
Languange Used : English
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Publisher by : McGraw-Hill Education

Description :

The Definitive Guide to Fixed Income Securities―Revised and Updated for the New Era of Investing

For decades, The Handbook of Fixed Income Securities has been the most trusted resource in the world for fixed income investing. Since the publication of the last edition, however, the financial markets have experienced major upheavals, introducing dramatic new opportunities and risks.

This completely revised and expanded eighth edition contains 31 new chapters that bring you up to date on the latest products, analytical tools, methodologies, and strategies for identifying and capitalizing on the potential of the fixed income securities market in order to enhance returns. Among the world’s leading authorities on the subject, Frank J. Fabozzi, along with Steven V. Mann, has gathered a powerful global team of leading experts to provide you with the newest and best techniques for taking advantage of this market. New topics include:

  • Electronic trading
  • Macro-economic dynamics and the corporate bond market
  • Leveraged loans
  • Structured and credit-linked notes
  • Exchange-traded funds
  • Covered bonds
  • Collateralized loan obligations
  • Risk analysis from multifactor fixed income models
  • High-yield bond portfolio management
  • Distressed structured credit securities
  • Hedge fund fixed income strategies
  • Credit derivatives valuation and risk
  • Tail risk hedging
  • Principles of performance attribution

Invaluable for its theoretical insights, unsurpassed in its hands-on guidance, and unequaled in the expertise and authority of its contributors, this all-new edition of The Handbook of Fixed Income Securities delivers the information and knowledge you need to stay on top of the market and ahead of the curve.

2017 Us Department Of Labor Employment Workshop Participant Guide Transition From Military To Civilian Workforce

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Author by : United States Department of Labor
Languange Used : English
Release Date : 2017-01-05
Publisher by : United States Department of Labor

Description : This is the official participant guide used during the Department of Labor (DOL) Employment Workshop for transitioning service members. As part of the Transition Assistance Program (TAP), DOL conducts these workshops on military installations worldwide. The DOL Employment Workshop is a 3-day instructor-led class that covers the foundational mechanics of career transition and finding a good job. The workshop focuses on four core competences: 1. Developing and executing a job search plan; 2. Planning for success in a civilian work environment; 3. Creating resumes, cover letters, and other self-marketing materials; and 4. Engaging in successful interviews and networking conversations. This participant guide may be used during the workshop and later as a ready reference during your career transition. It contains a wealth of career transition information, available resources, and useful examples.

In order to view some of the example resumes used in this guide you may need to view the document in the landscape layout.

The New Transition Handbook Strategies High School Teachers Use That Work By Hughes Ph D Carolyn Carter Ph D Erik 2012 Paperback

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Author by :
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Publisher by : Brookes Publishing; 2 edition (2012-09-14)

Description :

The Humanure Handbook A Guide To Composting Human Manure Third Edition

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Author by : Joseph C. Jenkins
Languange Used : English
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Publisher by : Joseph Jenkins, Inc.

Description : The 10th Anniversary Edition of the most comprehensive, up-to-date and thoroughly researched book on the topic of composting human manure available anywhere. It includes a review of the historical, cultural and environmental issues pertaining to "human waste," as well as an in depth look at the potential health risks related to humanure recycling, with clear instructions on how to eliminate those dangers in order to safely convert humanure into garden soil. Written by a humanure composter with over thirty years experience, this classic work now includes illustrated, step-by-step instructions on how to build a "$25 humanure toilet," a chapter on alternative graywater systems, photos of owner-built humanure toilets from around the world, and an overview of commercial composting toilets and systems.

Assess For Success A Practitioner S Handbook On Transition Assessment

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Author by :
Languange Used : English
Release Date : 2007-04-03
Publisher by : Corwin

Description : Aligned with the reauthorization of IDEA 2004, this updated resource helps IEP teams define students' transition goals for adult life, including postsecondary education and employment choices.

The Winter Harvest Handbook Year Round Vegetable Production Using Deep Organic Techniques And Unheated Greenhouses

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Author by : Eliot Coleman
Languange Used : English
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Publisher by : Chelsea Green Publishing

Description :

Choosing locally grown organic food is a sustainable living trend that’s taken hold throughout North America. Celebrated farming expert Eliot Coleman helped start this movement with The New Organic Grower published 20 years ago. He continues to lead the way, pushing the limits of the harvest season while working his world-renowned organic farm in Harborside, Maine.

Now, with his long-awaited new book, The Winter Harvest Handbook, anyone can have access to his hard-won experience. Gardeners and farmers can use the innovative, highly successful methods Coleman describes in this comprehensive handbook to raise crops throughout the coldest of winters.

Building on the techniques that hundreds of thousands of farmers and gardeners adopted from The New Organic Grower and Four-Season Harvest, this new book focuses on growing produce of unparalleled freshness and quality in customized unheated or, in some cases, minimally heated, movable plastic greenhouses.

Coleman offers clear, concise details on greenhouse construction and maintenance, planting schedules, crop management, harvesting practices, and even marketing methods in this complete, meticulous, and illustrated guide. Readers have access to all the techniques that have proven to produce higher-quality crops on Coleman’s own farm.

His painstaking research and experimentation with more than 30 different crops will be valuable to small farmers, homesteaders, and experienced home gardeners who seek to expand their production seasons.

A passionate advocate for the revival of small-scale sustainable farming, Coleman provides a practical model for supplying fresh, locally grown produce during the winter season, even in climates where conventional wisdom says it “just can’t be done.”