The Prime Of Miss Jean Brodie A Novel

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Author by : Muriel Spark
Languange Used : English
Release Date : 2009-02-10
Publisher by : Harper Perennial Modern Classics

Description :

At the staid Marcia Blaine School for Girls, in Edinburgh, Scotland, teacher extraordinaire Miss Jean Brodie is unmistakably, and outspokenly, in her prime. She is passionate in the application of her unorthodox teaching methods, in her attraction to the married art master, Teddy Lloyd, in her affair with the bachelor music master, Gordon Lowther, and—most important—in her dedication to "her girls," the students she selects to be her crème de la crème. Fanatically devoted, each member of the Brodie set—Eunice, Jenny, Mary, Monica, Rose, and Sandy—is "famous for something," and Miss Brodie strives to bring out the best in each one. Determined to instill in them independence, passion, and ambition, Miss Brodie advises her girls, "Safety does not come first. Goodness, Truth, and Beauty come first. Follow me."

And they do. But one of them will betray her.

The Prime Of Miss Jean Brodie The Girls Of Slender Means The Driver S Seat The Only Problem Everyman S Library Classics Contemporary Classics

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Author by : Muriel Spark
Languange Used : English
Release Date : 2004-04-06
Publisher by : Everyman's Library

Description :


The brevity of Muriel Spark’s novels is equaled only by their brilliance. These four novels, each a miniature masterpiece, illustrate her development over four decades. Despite the seriousness of their themes, all four are fantastic comedies of manners, bristling with wit.


Spark’s most celebrated novel, The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie, tells the story of a charismatic schoolteacher’s catastrophic effect on her pupils. The Girls of Slender Means is a beautifully drawn portrait of young women living in a hostel in London in the giddy postwar days of 1945. The Driver’s Seat follows the final haunted hours of a woman descending into madness. And The Only Problem is a witty fable about suffering that brings the Book of Job to bear on contemporary terrorism.


All four novels give evidence of one of the most original and unmistakable voices in contemporary fiction. Characters are vividly etched in a few words; earth-shaking events are lightly touched on. Yet underneath the glittering surface there is an obsessive probing of metaphysical questions: the meaning of good and evil, the need for salvation, the search for significance.

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The Prime Of Miss Jean Brodie A Drama In Three Acts

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Author by : Jay Presson Allen
Languange Used : English
Release Date :
Publisher by : Samuel French Inc.

Description : Adapted from the novel by Muriel Spark

Comedy /4m, 15f / Platform set

Miss Brodie is a teacher, a formidable figure who molds young minds to her form. And what is more, she is so intensely interesting that the girls admire her above all else. But Miss Brodie is not honest. She prevaricates and then tells the girls to do as she tells them, not as she does herself. She is having an affair with the music teacher and has had one with the art teacher, and this is not the most exemplary conduct. A fantastic letter which some of her students write in her name to her lover falls into the headmistress' hands.Dismissal is averted by Miss Brodie's indomitable pluck as she threatens to sue for calumny. One girl grows too wise too soon and turns on Miss Brodie.

"Fascinating in its insights into a marvelously portrayed eccentric human being." N.Y. Times

"Endearing hilarious, lovely, perceptive and splendid." N.Y. Daily News

"A dramatic intelligent and merciless study of character. " N.Y. Post

Muriel Spark Twenty First Century Perspectives A Modern Fiction Studies Book

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Author by :
Languange Used : English
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Publisher by : Johns Hopkins University Press

Description :

Dame Muriel Spark―the highly acclaimed Scottish writer―published over twenty novels and more than a dozen short-story collections from the late 1950s until her death in 2006. Two of her novels, The Public Image and Loitering with Intent, were short-listed for the Booker Prize, and another, The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie, was made into an Academy Award–winning movie. David Herman here assembles an international group of scholars to contexualize and analyze Spark's works, highlighting the continuing relevance of her texts in the twenty-first century.

With three new essays and a reworked introduction by the editor, this volume expands a special issue of Modern Fiction Studies dedicated to Spark and her writings. Organized thematically into three parts, the volume includes essays that consider Spark as both Scottish and world author, situate Spark in the broader contexts of postwar culture, and offer exemplary readings of specific works from various critical perspectives.

A resource for students and scholars alike, this volume provides information about Spark’s oeuvre while also featuring current, theoretically informed interpretations of individual texts.

The Prime Of Miss Jean Brodie Mass Paperback Laurel Dell 7115

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Author by : by Muriel Spark
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Publisher by : LAUREL DELL 7115

Description : Title: The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie MASS (Paperback )LAUREL DELL 7115

Playbill Helen Hayes Theatre The Prime Of Miss Jean Brodie March 1968

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Author by : Playbill Editors
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Publisher by : Playbill Magazine

Description : The Magazine for Theatregoers. The National Theatre Magazine. March 1968 Volume 5 Number 3

Muriel Spark On Evil An Essay

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Author by : Michael Giffin
Languange Used : English
Release Date : 2013-08-18
Publisher by :

Description : What is evil? Is it a disembodied force, or an aspect of being human, or both? How do we locate it within the contemporary world? What does it look like? Can any metaphor adequately describe it? It has been said that no author of the twentieth century was more aware of the many forms evil takes than the Catholic Muriel Spark, who used satire and ridicule to great effect when portraying human evil, physical and metaphysical. This essay gives an overview of Spark’s expositions of evil in three brilliant, short, and immensely funny novels from her prime: “The Hothouse by the East River”, “The Abbess of Crewe”, and “The Takeover” (6,500 words).

Rod Mckuen At Carnegie Hall Sheet Music His Birthday Concert Sold Out Sheet Music

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Publisher by : Warner Brothers Publications Inc

Description : Songbook for piano/ vocal/ with guitar chord frames, which includes numerous photos, artwork, and lyrics pgs. in addition. Song titles: Ally Ally Oxen Free, The Art Of Catching Trains, Bend Down & Touch Me, A Cat Named Sloopy, Champion Charlie Brown, Doesn't Anybody Know My Name?, Do It Yourself Protest Songs, Don't Ban The Bomb (The Protest Waltz), Everybody's Rich But Us, Gee It's Nice To Be Alone, If You Go Away (Ne Me Quitte Pas), I'll Catch The Sun (Peter's Theme), The Importance Of The Rose, I've Been To Town, The Ivy That Clings To The Wall, Jean, Joanna, Kaleidoscope, Listen To The Warm, Love's Been Good To Me, Merci Beaucoup, People On Their Birthdays, Seasons In The Sun (Le Moribond), So Long Stay Well, Stanyan Street, The Things Men Do, To Watch The Trains, Trashy, We, The World I Used To Know.

The Prime Of Miss Jean Brodie Hardcover Chinese Edition

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Author by : Muriel Spark
Languange Used : Chinese
Release Date :
Publisher by : Nanhai publishing company

Description : The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie (Hardcover) narrates in a school in Britain, 1930s, the fashionable woman teacher Miss Brodie insisted to teach a group of girls in her unique way. She inspired the young girls' interest in painting, music and politics with her superlative enthusiasm.