The Book Of Seals Amulets Volume 3

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Author by : Jacobus G. Swart
Languange Used : English
Release Date : 2016-01-26
Publisher by : The Sangreal Sodality Press

Description : The "Shadow Tree Series" comprises a unique collection of Western Esoteric studies and practices which Jacobus G. Swart, spiritual successor to William G. Gray and co-founder of the Sangreal Sodality, has actuated and taught over a period of forty years. "The Book of Seals & Amulets" comprises a comprehensive investigation into the meaning and relevance of Celestial Alphabets, Magical Seals, Magic Squares, Divine and Angelic Names, etc., as well as their employment in Hebrew Amulets in order to benefit personal wellbeing in a most significant manner. Continuing the standards set in "The Book of Self Creation" and "The Book of Sacred Names," Jacobus Swart offers detailed instruction on the contents and construction of Hebrew Amulets. He again consulted the enormous array of relevant primary Hebrew literature, large sections of which are available to an English readership for the first time.

Secrets Of Magical Seals A Modern Grimoire Of Amulets Charms Symbols And Talismans

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Author by : Anna Riva
Languange Used : English
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Publisher by : International Imports

Description : For those who wish to master the art of magical achievement, there are numerous occult aids which may be of value. Some of these tools are amulets, fetishes, charms, symbols, talismans. These are objects inscribed with a magic incantation or sign that stands for or suggests something else by reason of relationship, association, convention or accidental resemblance - a visible sign of something invisible. They are worn or carried to avert harm, ward off misfortune, protect against danger, to bring good, insure fortunate events and attract love, luck, and favorable conditions. The seals herein are only the most popular or readily available talismans. The suggestions for uses have been modernized, shortened and simplified to suit the modern user.

The Wizard S Seal Samurai And Seers

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Author by : Jekka Jones
Languange Used : English
Release Date : 2017-02-09
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Description : It was an old katana that drew the samurai nobility to Nircana, a free and kingless country. Landon Durn had no use for it, let alone a desire to join the samurai. Now Landon is thrust into the world's violent affairs to rescue the ambassadors who had given his family the sword. As he travels with the samurai, Landon learns that his sword is the key to obtaining an ancient and powerful weapon all but forgotten by history. Landon's peaceful life is thrown into a chaotic world of hurt, deception, and brutality as he fights to protect his family and home from the men and women hungry for power . . . all because of the Wizard's Seal.

Seals Finger Rings Engraved Gems And Amulets In The Royal Albert Memorial Museum Exeter

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Author by : Sheila Hoey Middleton
Languange Used : English
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Publisher by : Exeter City Museum & Art Gallery

Description : This is a catalogue of the rather nice collection of gems in the Royal Albert Memorial Museum, Exeter, consisting almost entirely of the bequests of Lt. Col. L. A. D. Montague in 1946 and of Dr N. L. Corkill in 1966. Together they document the history of seal engraving from 3000 BC to the nineteenth century, from the Near East, Greece and Rome, and the Renaissance, from Akkadian cylinder seals to Sassanian stamp seals and Bactrian ringstones.

Amulets Charms And Talismans How To Make What They Mean And How To Use Them

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Author by : Deborah D. Lippman
Languange Used : English
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Publisher by : M Evans & Co

Description : Book by Lippman, Deborah D., Colin, Paul

Perfume Oils Candles Seals Incense New Enlarged Revised Edition

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Author by : Aima
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Release Date :
Publisher by : Foibles Publications

Description : From the cloud veiled tops of the Himalayas to the desert sands of Egypt where swaying papyrus whisper of a dazzling and mystic past, we hear legends of the power and use of Perfume Oils, Candles, Sacred Seals, Incense, the occult properties of gem stones and powders. Their magic and mystery have captured the imagination of men and women since the beginning of time. I am convinced, after much research, study and experimentation, that all the tools mentioned have an important effect upon our Psychic Body. Those with Auric Vision may find it very interesting and enlightening to make certain experiments in this field. Chapters cover: 1) Perfume Oils: Their alleged power, what, when and how to use. 2) Candles: Legendary importance, what, when and how to burn. 3) Seals: Purported power and purpose, how to choose the right one. 4) Incense: Its occult power, how and when to burn. 5) Gems, Precious and Semi-precious: Their virtues and powers and use. 6) Powders: Legendary occult properties and purpose.

Lawrence Henry Ott Collection Babylonian Clay Tablets Cylinder Seals And Stamps Scarabs And Amulets

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Author by : Kenneth Ott
Languange Used : English
Release Date : 2017-01-21
Publisher by : Clearstory Creative Digital Publishers, San Diego, CA

Description : A photographic catalog of the Lawrence Henry Ott Collection of Babylonian artifacts at the Yale Babylonian Collection in the Sterling Memorial Library, Yale University. The book contains a preface by Benjamin R. Foster, Laffan Professor of Assyriology and Curator of the Yale Babylonian Collection. Included are insightful notes regarding the relationship and correspondence of Dr. Ott with many of the curators of the collection; the interesting beginnings of the LHO collection and how it eventually made its way to Yale following a serendipitous visit to the library during the author's 50th year reunion in 2016. The artifacts are photographed in detail, including clay impressions of the seals. Translations of the cuneiform tablets and seals accompany the photographs.

Magical Charms Potions And Secrets For Love

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Author by : C. A. Nagle
Languange Used : English
Release Date :
Publisher by : Marlar Publishing Co.

Description : Legendary Love Charms and Spells from around the world. How to use talismans, seals, amulets, herbs and roots, strange oils and powders, potions, candles and many more unusual items in the pursuit of love. Also includes legendary formulas regarding impotence and aphrodisiacs. The most complete handbook of its kind.

Votive Tablets In Thailand Origin Styles And Uses Images Of Asia

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Author by : Pattaratorn Chirapravati
Languange Used : English
Release Date :
Publisher by : Oxford University Press

Description : Written by a member of the Thai Royal Family, this is the first book to present a complete history of votive tablets in Thailand, covering their production from the sixth century AD to their present day manifestation in the popular practice of wearing amulets.

Feng Shui Amulet Seal Book 2013 Of Shizuki Kaho Variety 2012 Isbn 4885740843 Japanese Import

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Languange Used : Japanese
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Publisher by : Tokyo bookstore

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