Stories For A Kindred Heart Over 100 Treasures To Touch Your Soul Stories For The Heart

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Author by :
Languange Used : English
Release Date : 2000-06-26
Publisher by : Multnomah

Description : This new addition to the bestselling Stories for the Heart series is designed to celebrate friendship and togetherness. These charming stories from popular Christian authors such as Max Lucado, Billy Graham, Gloria Gaither, Ruth Bell Graham, Philip Yancey, Dale Evans Rogers, and Bill Butterworth-satisfy the deep longing each of us has to have our heart entwined with another. Readers will cherish these uplifting and treasured stories that honor relationships nurtured by time, laughter, and tears. This book is sure to become a favorite as it focuses on the sweetest joys of life-shared memories and kindred hearts.

Before Dawn An Omegaverse Story Kindred Book 1

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Author by : Claire Cullen
Languange Used : English
Release Date : 2017-09-24
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Description : When Jethro’s Alpha mark lights up, he knows that somewhere out in the world, his Omega has come online. It means everything to him as the last Alpha Prime; true love, happiness, and the power to form a clan. If only he can find him.

But his Omega, Miles, is south of the border, in a place where he’ll be conscripted to serve the needs of their military’s Alphas. If that happens, he’ll never be Jethro’s. To make matters worse, Miles is the South’s latest poster boy for Omega recruitment, painted as a true believer in the system that will bind him in virtual slavery.

Jethro’s choice is clear; give up on a true bond and the happiness, love, and children that come with it, or go south to steal the Omega who should be his. But Jethro can’t just steal him away, he must win over Miles’ heart and convince him that they're meant to be, all before the authorities catch up with them and Miles is lost forever.

Love Before Dawn is a 43,000-word first person romance novella and a human (non-shifter) Omegaverse story. It contains intimate scenes not suitable for readers under eighteen years of age. It contains mpreg. While there are no major cliffhangers, this book is part of a series and some plot threads may continue in later stories. **Please note, this book was briefly listed under the title Love Before Dawn with an alternate cover**

The Fault In Our Stars

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Author by : John Green
Languange Used : English
Release Date : 2014-04-08
Publisher by : Penguin Books

Description :

Despite the tumor-shrinking medical miracle that has bought her a few years, Hazel has never been anything but terminal, her final chapter inscribed upon diagnosis. But when a gorgeous plot twist named Augustus Waters suddenly appears at Cancer Kid Support Group, Hazel’s story is about to be completely rewritten.

Insightful, bold, irreverent, and raw, The Fault in Our Stars is award-winning-author John Green’s most ambitious and heartbreaking work yet, brilliantly exploring the funny, thrilling, and tragic business of being alive and in love.

Opens in theaters on June 6, 2014
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TIME Magazine’s #1 Fiction Book of 2012

-Millions of copies sold-
#1 New York Times Bestseller
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Kindred A Yandere Love Story

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Author by : Tabris Lockhart
Languange Used : English
Release Date : 2017-02-10
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Description : When transfer student Tomeo "Tommy" Nakahara transfers from America to a new school in Japan, his eye is caught by the seemingly shy and innocent Suzuko Odagiri. However, the timid Suzuko is not the only girl vying for Tommy's affections. Class Representative (and secret bully), Akemi Kobayashi also has her eye on Tommy and, with the help of her two friends, is willing to crush anybody who gets in her way, as Suzuko quickly discovers.

Eventually, Suzuko can no longer tolerate the abuse, and once she learns that Kobayashi's motives for pursuing Tommy are motivated solely by greed and avarice, launches a desperate plan to protect Tommy from the girls who seek only to exploit him.

Kindred Kindred Book 1 A Paranormal Romance Vampire Hunter Series

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Author by : Nicola Claire
Languange Used : English
Release Date : 2012-05-07
Publisher by :

Description :

From Amazon Romantic Suspense, Mystery Romance and Fantasy Bestselling Author Nicola Claire comes a seductive and thrilling tale of vampires and vampire hunters, in a world where love and trust are as dangerous and addictive as a Nosferatu's bite.

“You may not be aware, ma douce, but not all vampyre have a kindred, some will live out their existence without such beauty in their lives. I have waited five hundred years for you." 

Vampires, shapeshifters, ghouls and magic-users abound in a world where the Norms, (those humans without paranormal abilities), are ignorant of the creatures of the night and the supernatural species that live alongside them.

Lucinda Monk is a bank teller by day and a vampire hunter by night, but she wasn’t always a part of this world. Thrown into a heady mix of powerful people and sensual beings, she’s had to find her way practically blindfolded in amongst the creatures of the night. 

Lucinda, though, is a capable and realistic kind of girl. Her motto: Never Show Fear. 

But there's something different about Luce. Something those creatures she hunts want. So, in order to stay one step ahead of the enemy, she has to let the enemy in. In all his compelling, seductive and delicious ways. 

Sleeping with the enemy has never meant so much before. But can she trust him?

From the urban streets of the city to the dark alleys and sinful bars that promise a wickedness a girl from the farm has never before been exposed to, Lucinda gets drawn irreversibly into the dark side of life.

And if the Master of the City has his way, she will always be his. For eternity.

This series is complete and includes the following titles:
Blood Life Seeker
Forbidden Drink
Giver of Light
Dancing Dragon
Shadow's Light
Entwined with the Dark
Kiss of the Dragon
Dreaming of a Blood Red Christmas (Michel's POV)

"This is the best vampire book I've read in a long time and if you like the paranormal world of vampires, shape shifters, ghouls and magic this book is a must read! The writing was seamless and the character development was outstanding." ~ Leslie Fear (Author of Villere House)

"I'm always thrilled to find a fresh, unique twist to the done-to-death vampire/shifter theme, and Nicola Claire has given us that. With vamps, ghouls, shifters and magic, the world is complex, the characters engaging, and I'm looking forward to reading more in the series!" ~ Ruth (UniquelyMoi @ Blithley Books)

"The world Nicola Claire has created in Auckland, New Zealand is really wonderful. I definitely recommend this book, and I think you need to read it!!" ~ Liz (Fictional Candy)

"This book was action packed from the first page. I was immediately drawn in, and Nicola Claire has a unique way of telling a story." ~ Kathy (Romantic Reading Escapes)

"I highly recommend this book to adults. The writing flowed nicely and kept me wanting more." ~ April (Paranormal Book Review)

"Nicola has a way with words and storytelling that truly captivates the reader and drags you into the beautiful worlds that she creates." ~ Open Book Society 

Kindred Souls

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Author by : Patricia MacLachlan
Languange Used : English
Release Date : 2013-04-23
Publisher by : Katherine Tegen Books

Description :

With the sure touch she brought to the beloved Newbery Medal winner Sarah, Plain and Tall, in Kindred Souls Patricia MacLachlan guides children into the understanding that death is a natural part of life.

Ten-year-old Jake has always been close to his grandfather Billy—so close that Jake’s mother calls them kindred souls. Each morning, Jake and Billy take a walk around the family farm. Billy often tells Jake stories of living in a sod house on the prairie.

When Billy goes into the hospital, Jake decides the best gift he can give his beloved grandfather is a sod house. Billy moves to the sod house when he leaves the hospital and spends his last days living there.

Kindred The Darkwoods Trilogy Volume 2

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Author by : J A Redmerski
Languange Used : English
Release Date :
Publisher by : CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

Description : Isaac Mayfair is hiding a dark secret. And just when Adria Dawson thinks the worst of her life among the werewolf world is over, she learns the secret that can rip her and Isaac's love apart. Adria must come to terms with what the truth means for her. What it means for her life and how much time she has left to live it. She must choose between two different fates, neither of which can offer life as a certainty.

As if Isaac's betrayal isn't enough, Adria learns that there are things out there older and more powerful than werewolves could ever be. An archaic entity known only to few as the Praverian, unlike anything Adria has ever known or heard of.

As Adria struggles with her own fateful dilemmas, she must also try to find out why the Praverian is so interested in her and do everything in her power to stay out of its way.

Kindred Beings What Seventy Three Chimpanzees Taught Me About Life Love And Connection

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Author by : Sheri Speede
Languange Used : English
Release Date : 2014-09-02
Publisher by : HarperOne

Description :

Enter a world of tender friendships, staunch loyalties, violent jealousies—and enduring love.

As a child, Sheri Speede knew that she wanted to advocate for animals in any way she could. But it was not until many years after veterinary school, when she was transporting a chimpanzee named Pierre away from a biomedical facility as part of her job as a conservation advocate in Cameroon, that Dr. Speede discovered her true calling. She began to search for land for a forest sanctuary for captive chimpanzees that were held on chains and in small cages at local hotels.

Dr. Speede eventually founded the Sanaga-Yong Chimpanzee Rescue Center, a forested home for orphans of the illegal ape meat trade. One chim- panzee, Dorothy, was rescued by Dr. Speede and her colleagues from a bleak existence imprisoned on a chain and forged a deep friendship with her. Dr. Speede explains how chimpanzees, like humans, are capable of a broad spectrum of emotional behaviors—both hateful and loving. Dr. Speede also candidly reveals her own struggles as a stranger in a foreign culture trying to adjust to rural African village life. And she admits that unlike Dorothy, she was not always kind, gentle, and forgiving.

Dorothy died of old age at the sanctuary, and a photograph of Dorothy's funeral, in which Dr. Speede cradled Dorothy's head while her family of chimpanzees mournfully viewed her body, went viral after being published in National Geographic. The world was surprised at the depth of the chimps' grief at the loss of their friend, but Dr. Speede was not. Through the chimps, she had come to understand the meaning of love, loyalty, and true connection.

While this is a compelling story about the emotional complexity of the chimpanzees she rescued and befriended, it is also Dr. Speede's story. Major events in her personal life, including love affairs, dangerous run-ins with criminals, and the birth of her daughter, unfold as the development of her primate rescue center runs parallel to her own development. Ultimately, Kindred Beings is a story of profound resilience, of both the apes and the woman who loved them.


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Author by : Tammar Stein
Languange Used : English
Release Date : 2012-02-14
Publisher by : Ember

Description : The first time I meet an angel, it is Raphael and I am eighteen.

Miriam is an unassuming college freshman stuck on campus after her spring break plans fall through. She's not a religious girl--when pressed she admits reluctantly to believing in a higher power. Truth be told, she's about as comfortable speaking about her faith as she is about her love life, which is to say, not at all. And then the archangel Raphael pays Miriam a visit, and she finds herself on a desperate mission to save two of her contemporaries. To top it all off, her twin brother, Mo, has also had a visitation, but from the opposite end of the good-evil spectrum, which leaves Miriam to wonder--has she been blessed and her brother cursed or vice versa? And what is the real purpose behind her mission?

From the Hardcover edition.

Eversong The Kindred

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Author by : Donna Grant
Languange Used : English
Release Date : 2017-11-20
Publisher by : EverAfter Romance

Description : New York Times bestselling author Donna Grant “skillfully melds history and legend” (RT Book Reviews) in a brand new series – The Kindred.

To live in the light, they hunt in the dark…

Unparalleled in beauty and daring, Leoma has been raised with a single-minded focus―to wipe out corrupt witches. But when her new target leads her to a discovery that unveils a graver plan from the Coven, she doesn’t hesitate to follow. Yet, she’s not the only one on the hunt. And the sexy, infuriating man who crosses her path could prove to be a distraction―something she’s never encountered before.

Honor and family mean everything to Braith. When his life is turned upside down by the murder of his ward and heir without cause or reason, he has no choice but to turn to vengeance. Until a stunning, dangerous woman continues to thwart his efforts at every turn. Now, he must battle not only his need for revenge but his desire for the female, as well.