Kindred Book 2 The Watcher Chronicles

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Author by : S.J. West
Languange Used : English
Release Date : 2013-02-01
Publisher by : Watchers Publishing

Description : In the second book of The Watcher Chronicles series, Jess finally learns where her father has been since the Tear first opened. While Mason tries to keep his distance from her, Jess continues to search for the other vessels with Chandler by her side.

This series is intended for a mature audience. Recommended for ages 17 and older due to sexual situations and adult themes.

If I were to use the movie rating system, I would rate this series an R.

Reading Order of Watcher Books by Series:

The Watchers Trilogy (Ages 13+)

The Watcher Chronicles (Ages 17+ due to mature content in books 3 and 4)

Caylin’s Story (Ages 13+ – Can be read by younger readers without having to read the Watcher Chronicles)

The Redemption Series (Ages 17+ due to mature content in books 3 and 4)

Bonus Books (Books which will be written but are not part of the main storyline):

Aiden’s Story (Coming 2014)

Alternate Earth Series (Coming 2015)