From A Great Escape To A New Awakening My Journey Through Cancer

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Author by : Eddy Li
Languange Used : English
Release Date : 2014-05-21
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Description : This is an autobiography of a cancer survivor, a veteran network news journalist. For 38 years since 1971, the author, as Asia video editor for Abc News, chased news stories round the clock, often without sleep. With early retirement in sight, the sudden diagnosis of cancer one day radically changed his lifestyle overnight. By an unusual coincidence, his links to golf were also linked to his discovery of cancer. Here's a man who led an incredible life even before he overcame his battle with cancer. It took more than the conventional means of treatment. His treatment and road to recovery is a revelation. Today, as a cancer survivor and a retiree who now enjoys a healthier and more fulfilling life, the author tells a compelling story of how he entered into the darkest tunnel and emerged, a more vigilant and environmentally aware individual. Eddy Li shares his painful experience, what he has learned about an increasingly hazardous environment and how you can protect yourself from its toxicity.

From A Great Escape To A New Awakening My Journey Through Cancer

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Author by : LI JIU RU ( Eddy Li )
Languange Used : Taiwanese Chinese
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Publisher by : Oak Forest Culture

Description : Pub Date: 2014-04-15 Pages: 400 Language: Traditional Chinese Publisher: Oak Grove culture if you or a family member is suffering from cancer of torture. do you know what to do next? You know how much cancer? Or do you think that the cancer will not be so quick find you? Some people with cancer at home. how family cohesion centripetal force. along the valley through this life? Lee Kau cancer fighter. with only seven weeks of time to overcome the larynx that late relapse survived five years. and now enjoying a healthy retirement. How did he do it? Do not cancer unharmed: My Journey rebirth author Lee Kau worked in the United States ABC television for 38 years as a producer in Asia. Hong Kong. efforts to put his life he loves journalism. For decades. his boss and the audience award in journalism certainly makes him spend more time chasing wealth of economic achievements and wo...