Multiple Constant Multiplication Optimizations For Field Programmable Gate Arrays

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Author by : Martin Kumm
Languange Used : English
Release Date : 2016-04-22
Publisher by : Springer Vieweg

Description : This work covers field programmable gate array (FPGA)-specific optimizations of circuits computing the multiplication of a variable by several constants, commonly denoted as multiple constant multiplication (MCM). These optimizations focus on low resource usage but high performance. They comprise the use of fast carry-chains in adder-based constant multiplications including ternary (3-input) adders as well as the integration of look-up table-based constant multipliers and embedded multipliers to get the optimal mapping to modern FPGAs. The proposed methods can be used for the efficient implementation of digital filters, discrete transforms and many other circuits in the domain of digital signal processing, communication and image processing.

Digital Signal Processing With Field Programmable Gate Arrays Signals And Communication Technology

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Author by : Uwe Meyer-Baese
Languange Used : English
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Publisher by : Springer

Description : Field-Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGAs) are revolutionizing digital signal processing. The efficient implementation of front-end digital signal processing algorithms is the main goal of this book. It starts with an overview of today's FPGA technology, devices and tools for designing state-of-the-art DSP systems. A case study in the first chapter is the basis for more than 40 design examples throughout. The following chapters deal with computer arithmetic concepts, theory and the implementation of FIR and IIR filters, multirate digital signal processing systems, DFT and FFT algorithms, advanced algorithms with high future potential, and adaptive filters. Each chapter contains exercises. The VERILOG source code and a glossary are given in the appendices. This new edition incorporates

  • Over 10 new system level case studies designed in VHDL and Verilog
  • A new chapter on image and video processing
  • An Altera Quartus update and new Model Sim simulations
  • Xilinx Atlys board and ISIM simulation support
  • Signed fixed point and floating point IEEE library examples
  • An overview on parallel all-pass IIR filter design
  • ICA and PCA system level designs
  • Speech and audio coding for MP3 and ADPCM

Field Programmable Gate Array Technology

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Author by :
Languange Used : English
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Publisher by : Springer

Description : Many different kinds of FPGAs exist, with different programming technologies, different architectures and different software. Field-Programmable Gate Array Technology describes the major FPGA architectures available today, covering the three programming technologies that are in use and the major architectures built on those programming technologies. The reader is introduced to concepts relevant to the entire field of FPGAs using popular devices as examples.
Field-Programmable Gate Array Technology includes discussions of FPGA integrated circuit manufacturing, circuit design and logic design. It describes the way logic and interconnect are implemented in various kinds of FPGAs. It covers particular problems with design for FPGAs and future possibilities for new architectures and software. This book compares CAD for FPGAs with CAD for traditional gate arrays. It describes algorithms for placement, routing and optimization of FPGAs.
Field-Programmable Gate Array Technology describes all aspects of FPGA design and development. For this reason, it covers a significant amount of material. Each section is clearly explained to readers who are assumed to have general technical expertise in digital design and design tools. Potential developers of FPGAs will benefit primarily from the FPGA architecture and software discussion. Electronics systems designers and ASIC users will find a background to different types of FPGAs and applications of their use.

Field Programmable Gate Arrays Reconfigurable Logic For Rapid Prototyping And Implementation Of Digital Systems

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Author by : John V. Oldfield
Languange Used : English
Release Date :
Publisher by : Wiley-Interscience

Description : Timely, authoritative, application-oriented. an in-depth exploration of current and future uses of FPGAs in digital systems The development of field-programmable gate arrays (FPGAs) may well be the most important breakthrough for the microelectronics industry since the invention of the microprocessor. Using FPGAs, a system designer working on a PC can now develop a working prototype in a few hours and change it at will in just a few minutes, rather than waiting weeks or months for a printed-circuit assembly or a custom integrated circuit to be built. This newfound ability to change a system by simply altering its configuration memory is also leading to exciting new forms of computing, such as array applications that exploit parallelism. Now in a book that functions equally well as a working professional reference and a pedagogically consistent computer engineering text, John V. Oldfield and Richard C. Dorf:
* Provide a detailed overview of FPGAs in digital systems design
* Explain the underlying principles, strengths, and limitations of most FPGA architectures
* Supply many real-life case studies, from elementary to advanced applications--including examples of "custom computing machines"
* Review cutting-edge developments, including new architectures and a new field-programmable interconnect chip
* Discuss key economic and business aspects of FPGA manufacture and applications and their role in intellectual property protection
* Demonstrate ways in which FPGAs offer plausible solutions to some of the major computing problems of our day

Field Programmable Gate Array Fpga And Their Applications

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Author by : S. S. S. P. Rao
Languange Used : English
Release Date :
Publisher by : Alpha Science International Ltd

Description : Since Field Programmable gate arrays belong to the family of programmable devices and designing with FPGAs require knowledge of Digital design, the book begins with an overview of Boolean Algebra and Logic Design followed by topic on Programmable Logic Devices. Introduction to Field programmable devices (FPGAs) is then explained right form the basic FPGA which was used as glue logic to present day very advanced FPGA used in Embedded Systems and goes on to discuss evolution of Xilinx, Altera and Actel/Microsemi FPGAs and their architectural features, and VHDL with many design examples with a brief introduction to System Verilog. The last three chapters discuss completely the Xilinx FPGA design flow right from architectural specification to obtaining bit stream to be loaded into FPGA and testing methodologies and design exercises using Spartan Series and the important research issues of FPGA Security alongwith the Future of FPGAs for the next two decades.

Field Programmable Gate Arrays The Springer International Series In Engineering And Computer Science

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Author by : Stephen D. Brown
Languange Used : English
Release Date :
Publisher by : Springer

Description : Field-Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGAs) have emerged as an attractive means of implementing logic circuits, providing instant manufacturing turnaround and negligible prototype costs. They hold the promise of replacing much of the VLSI market now held by mask-programmed gate arrays. FPGAs offer an affordable solution for customized VLSI, over a wide variety of applications, and have also opened up new possibilities in designing reconfigurable digital systems.
Field-Programmable Gate Arrays discusses the most important aspects of FPGAs in a textbook manner. It provides the reader with a focused view of the key issues, using a consistent notation and style of presentation. It provides detailed descriptions of commercially available FPGAs and an in-depth treatment of the FPGA architecture and CAD issues that are the subjects of current research.
The material presented is of interest to a variety of readers, including those who are not familiar with FPGA technology, but wish to be introduced to it, as well as those who already have an understanding of FPGAs, but who are interested in learning about the research directions that are of current interest.

Introduction To Embedded System Design Using Field Programmable Gate Arrays

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Author by : Rahul Dubey
Languange Used : English
Release Date :
Publisher by : Springer

Description :

"Introduction to Embedded System Design Using Field Programmable Gate Arrays" provides a starting point for the use of field programmable gate arrays in the design of embedded systems. The text considers a hypothetical robot controller as an embedded application and weaves around it related concepts of FPGA-based digital design. The book details: use of FPGA vis-à-vis general purpose processor and microcontroller; design using Verilog hardware description language; digital design synthesis using Verilog and Xilinx® SpartanTM 3 FPGA; FPGA-based embedded processors and peripherals; overview of serial data communications and signal conditioning using FPGA; FPGA-based motor drive controllers; and prototyping digital systems using FPGA.

The book is a good introductory text for FPGA-based design for both students and digital systems designers. Its end-of-chapter exercises and frequent use of example can be used for teaching or for self-study.

Reconfigurable Computing Accelerating Computation With Field Programmable Gate Arrays

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Author by : Maya B. Gokhale
Languange Used : English
Release Date :
Publisher by : Springer

Description :

A one-of-a-kind survey of the field of Reconfigurable Computing

Gives a comprehensive introduction to a discipline that offers a 10X-100X acceleration of algorithms over microprocessors

Discusses the impact of reconfigurable hardware on a wide range of applications: signal and image processing, network security, bioinformatics, and supercomputing

Includes the history of the field as well as recent advances

Includes an extensive bibliography of primary sources

Applications Of Field Programmable Gate Arrays In Scientific Research

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Author by : Hartmut F.-W. Sadrozinski
Languange Used : English
Release Date :
Publisher by : CRC Press

Description :

Focusing on resource awareness in field-programmable gate array (FPGA) design, Applications of Field-Programmable Gate Arrays in Scientific Research covers the principle of FPGAs and their functionality. It explores a host of applications, ranging from small one-chip laboratory systems to large-scale applications in "big science."

The book first describes various FPGA resources, including logic elements, RAM, multipliers, microprocessors, and content-addressable memory. It then presents principles and methods for controlling resources, such as process sequencing, location constraints, and intellectual property cores. The remainder of the book illustrates examples of applications in high-energy physics, space, and radiobiology. Throughout the text, the authors remind designers to pay attention to resources at the planning, design, and implementation stages of an FPGA application, in order to reduce the use of limited silicon resources and thereby reduce system cost.

Supplying practical know-how on an array of FPGA application examples, this book provides an accessible overview of the use of FPGAs in data acquisition, signal processing, and transmission. It shows how FPGAs are employed in laboratory applications and how they are flexible, low-cost alternatives to commercial data acquisition systems.

Web Resource

A supporting website at offers more details on FPGA programming and usage. The site contains design elements of the case studies from the book, including VHDL code, detailed schematics of selected projects, photographs, and screen shots.

Digital System Design Using Field Programmable Gate Arrays

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Author by : Pak K. Chan
Languange Used : English
Release Date :
Publisher by : Prentice Hall

Description :

This is the first book to offer a complete description of FPGAs and the methods involved in using CAD design tools for implementation of digital systems using FPGAs. It covers both general concepts of systems and logic design and specific issues related to FPGAs themselves -- with reference to all existing technologies. Provides a complete approach to digital systems specification, synthesis, implementation and prototyping. Outlines all steps in using FPGA technology in logic design -- from description of the problem to realization -- and contains practical, detailed examples throughout.
For graduate and undergraduate students as well as professionals in the field of digital design.