January Free Classical Album from Naxos – Books on the Knob

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January Free Classical Album from Naxos – Books on the Knob

Earlier this month, Naxos sent out their newsletter* with a choice of three Classical albums from which you may choose one to download and keep.

Naxos has an enviable reputation for unearthing wonderful music by composers who have long remained obscured by the giants of the classical catalogue. But we’re going to open this new year by marking the birth date of arguably the greatest of the best-known and most-loved composers: January 27, Mozart’s birthday. His output was prodigious, so we’ve sifted carefully through his extensive discography to find you three musical nuggets from which to make your choice of a free recording. Whatever your pick, we know it will help set you in the best of moods as we enter yet another exciting year with Naxos.
– Klaus Heymann

This month’s selections are:

Mozart: Symphonies Nos. 40 and 41 ‘Jupiter’ ($7.99 Amazon MP3; $8.99 Audio CD w/ FREE MP3s; $9.99 ArkivMusic)

Mozart’s last three symphonies were penned in the amazingly short period of just three weeks, in the summer of 1788; the last two feature on this recording. It’s presumed that they were intended to form part of concerts to be given in Vienna in the coming season. As things turned out, Mozart was to give no more concerts of his own music, as he had done in earlier years in Vienna, but the Symphony No. 40 in G minor was probably included in an April, 1791 concert conducted by Salieri, the Court Kapellmeister, that featured an orchestra of 180 players.

Mozart: Late Piano Trios – K. 542, K. 548 and K. 564 ($6.99 Amazon MP3; $7.99 iTunes; $8.99 Audio CD w/ FREE MP3s; $9.99 ArkivMusic)

The three main works on this recording were also composed during 1788, when Mozart was at the peak of his creative powers, though experiencing both artistic success and looming personal crisis. His last three piano trios are masterpieces whose prevailing character of congenial gaiety is heightened by poignant undercurrents of lyrical melancholy. The rarely heard Piano Trio K. 442 was completed by the composer’s friend, Maximilian Stadler.

Mozart: The Magic Flute (Highlights) ($6.99 Amazon MP3; $7.99 iTunes; $8.99 Audio CD w/ FREE MP3s; $9.99 ArkivMusic)

Mozart spent the final decade of his life (1781-91) in Vienna. Although his relationship with his father had become rocky and his marriage turned out to be imprudent, Vienna brought one very big advantage: the possibility of writing directly for the theatre. Composed in 1782, Die Entführung aus dem Serail (The Abduction from the Seraglio) was the first of a set of operatic masterpieces that concluded in 1991 with Die Zauberflöte (The Magic Flute), a highly entertaining German fairy-tale, written for a suburban theatre in Vienna, where it was still running at the time of Mozart’s death in early December.

Get the free album from Naxos by clicking the big yellow button in your email newsletter (I did a search for NAXOS to find mine in GMail). You may have to either expand the entire message, if it is truncated in GMail, or open the newsletter in your browser to get the download script to work. Once on the download page, you can choose from MP3 or FLAC**; I recommend the latter.

WARNING: You only get one chance at the download, so be sure to use a freshly started browser, with a good internet connection. I advise just using the name they suggest, then go back to rename it later, if desired; if you accidentally click on Cancel on the download window, you don’t get a second chance with Naxos’ downloads. Instead, you’ll have to email their support staff to get the album sent to you via email. Since they are on the other side of the world for those of us in the US, there can be an overnight delay in getting a reply.

*If you don’t have this month’s newsletter with your unique redemption code, then you’ll need to subscribe and then confirm your email account. You should get this month’s newsletter via email the same day, but will probably have to wait until the next day before your code works for the free album.

**These are high-quality, DRM-Free recordings, which reproduce CD-quality sound with no signal loss, and you get to choose one free each month if you subscribe to their newsletter.

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January Free Classical Album from Naxos – Books on the Knob Download Link


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